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Aligned Abundance Mastermind

Melyssa Griffin

A 6-month coaching experience for conscious leaders who want to scale their business with soul, embody their truth and wholeness, and expand beyond what they think is possible.

This mastermind program is for entrepreneurs who want to join a curated group of online business owners and grow their revenue, community, impact, and self in a massive way – all while feeling aligned with their work and empowered to be the leader they were born to be.

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Aligned Abundance Mastermind

You’ve got a lot going for you already: a business you care about, products that are selling quite well, and an undeniable passion for more. But what about a sneaking suspicion that you that you’re getting in your own way? Or even worse, that as you grow you feel like you can't be the real you, because people expect a certain version of you. Maybe you're struggling with things like hiring a team, scaling your offers without the whole thing falling apart, and setting up systems and structure like a pro. That’s where this mastermind comes in.

For 6 months, we’ll work together to build a rock-solid foundation to help you embody the kind of leader you desire to be so that you can scale your biz with soul and success. Not to mention, you’ll be surrounded by other soulful, creative entrepreneurs who are determined to grow, just like you. Through live retreats, group coaching calls, and plenty of community support, you’ll blow the roof off of what you thought was possible.

The application period for new members begins in August, 2021.
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“This retreat was what I didn't know I needed, but by being open, it gave me everything I needed to become the visionary I'm meant to be. The lessons, the guests, the friendships—all of it were so meaningful. But, what made it extremely special were the people—Melyssa did everything to ensure we felt safe and seen. The guest speakers poured into us so unselfishly. And my fellow visionaries, holding space for me throughout the entire weekend. It was pure magic.”
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Hey! I’m Melyssa Griffin

I’m a former high school teacher turned entrepreneur who loves few things more than a good hug, hopping on a flight to anywhere, and teaching people like you how to live an abundant and limitless life.

It’s still crazy to say out loud, but within 3 years, I turned my hobby blog into a multimillion dollar company (the one you’re lookin’ at right now!). As much as I love nerding out over email marketing and product creation, there’s another business tactic I invite you to master: your own mindset.

See, my job here is to lead you back to yourself and to help you reprogram those limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck and small. There’s no more hiding here, friend. Around these parts, I’ll be sharing my best business secrets, as well as helping you cultivate a life of true freedom, purpose, and fun.

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